They were quite expensive to make because we had to order them in such a small quantity so they will be a limited edition deck.

£15 for 1 pack

£12 for 2, 3 or 4 packs

£10 for 5+ packs.

What its about

This is an original idea for a football card game. Its based on the rules of football and is great fun. It was made up by Ellen to help the children she looks after with their maths and they love to play it. Ben has also contributed to making the game with some additional rules making it a real Tufnell park football school project. 10p of every pack will go towards the Tufnell Park Football School Bursary funds.

Its an educational game as it involves having to do some equations to get your chance at goal. It can help children to learn and remember their number bonds to 10 or for older children their times tables and/or division.

There are lots of different ways to play the game making the fun last longer! You can play a simple quick, normal or long game and even easy, normal and hard game. There is also a team game version and they can all be played with the one pack.