Match Report: TPFS U11-Boys 9 – 1 Fusion U11-Boys

Date: 23/03/2019

Competition: League

Result: TPFS U11-Boys 9 – 1 Fusion U11-Boys

Tufnell Park Goal scorers:

Goal Scorer #of Goals
Amed 5
Rodi 2
Beto 1
Ioan 1

Tufnell Park Assists:

Player #of assists
Ahmed 3

Player(s) of the match:


  • Jahmari Opoku


How did we do at:

Keeping Possession & Building Up Play: 4

Chances Created: 4

Winning the ball back quickly & as high up the pitch as possible: 4

Effort and Attitude (as a team): 5

Level of Enjoyment: 5

Match Action:

Match Highlights:

Team played well lots of great passes only things I would say is the boys need to make all passes count and to have power behind the passes. Also look up before passing and goal keeper if making long passes wait for team to get in place not just kick the ball.



  • Jahmari
  • Rodi
  • Ahmed
  • Ioan
  • Toby
  • Edward
  • Beto