Match Report: TPFS U14-Girls 1 – 2 Brazilianas U14-Girls

Date: 05/04/2019

Competition: League

Result: TPFS U14-Girls 1 – 2 Brazilianas U14-Girls

Tufnell Park Goal scorers:

Goal Scorer #of Goals
Zoe 1

Tufnell Park Assists:

Player(s) of the match:

How did we do at:

Keeping Possession & Building Up Play: 4

Chances Created: 4

Winning the ball back quickly & as high up the pitch as possible: 4

Effort and Attitude (as a team): 5

Level of Enjoyment: 5

Match Action:

Match Highlights:

The girls worked really hard, playing further up the pitch than usual. Strong defense but they need to talk more, seemed to miss Zoe’s communication at the back. Everyone could do with practicing headers more, as all the girls seem reluctant to head the ball. Passing has improved, but still need to work on passing to someone rather than just getting rid of the ball.


  • Zoe, Mabel, Sadie, Vanessa, Sila, Gracie B, Frankie