Match Report: TPFS U8-Boys 4 – 1 TPFS (Snakes) U8-Boys

Date: 09/03/2019

Competition: League

Result: TPFS U8-Boys 4 – 1 TPFS (Snakes) U8-Boys

Tufnell Park Goal scorers:

Goal Scorer #of Goals
Charlie 1
Arun 1
Louis 1
Idris 1

Tufnell Park Assists:

Player(s) of the match:


  • Idris


How did we do at:

Keeping Possession & Building Up Play: 4

Chances Created: 4

Winning the ball back quickly & as high up the pitch as possible: 5

Effort and Attitude (as a team): 5

Level of Enjoyment: 5

Match Action:

Match Highlights:

This was the first time the Snakes and Scorpions had played each other, and although the Snakes came out 4-1 winners it was a really good game, playing in a great spirit and much enjoyed by everyone watching. Both teams played with a really good shape and looked to pass the ball around the pitch. There were chances at both ends and some good saves by both keepers. The high and fast press of the Scorpions was the one main difference between the teams, and that was probably a key factor in the win. Well done to all