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FreyaTrikilis02/24/202005:25 PM

Freya fell over during the session and landed awkwardly on her right wrist.

Dad was called and ice was applied. Freya took no further part in the session.

Ellen Maggs
IsabelleSmith04/02/201901:13 PM



BrookeDavis01/26/201911:20 AM

Brooke ran for the ball and tripped over, whilst doing so put her hand out to stop herself from falling. Brooke stayed on the floor and began to get upset and was very clear she was in a lot of pain.
She wouldn’t move her arm away from her leg as it hurt too much.

After assessing the situation no other Injuries took place so we moved her to the warmth in reception. Where joe Begent, paediatric nurse took over and made a make shift splint.

Brooke’s parent came to collect her and take her to Whittington hospital.

It was later found out she has sustained a buckle fracture of the wrist

Patrick Connaghan
ZacharyMuir01/29/201910:20 AM

Zach clashed heads with another child in his group during the TAG game. He was visibly distressed and in pain. I took Zach and the other boy off the pitch. The other boy was ok to continue so re entered the field. Zach needed treatment so I took him to his mother and provided them with disposable Ice Packs which his mother, Nina administered.

Zach went home to recover and played the following day. No further symptoms to our knowledge.

Ben Corbyn
SadieBoyce01/18/201906:20 PM

Manager - Patrick Connaghan
Also on site (Abby Webster , Joe Amat, Chris Christodulou and Richie Boyce (father)

Sadie playing as a goalkeeper has the ball kicked at her face. I noticed she fell backwards and banged the back of her head also on impact.
Sadie was quickly put into the recovery position as when I asked her to unfold her legs and if she could hear me I didn’t get a clear response.
As sadie’s father, Richie rushes onto the pitch to aid - I kept hold of Sadie in the recovery position as Richie hels Sadie’s head still.

After a few minutes had past myself and Richie agreed to sit her up as she became more responsive and began to speak back to us. Again a couple of minutes past and we moved to the side of the pitch and then into the main reception of Market road plying fields where trained staff took over.

I checked on Sadie several times over the course of the game - she definitely recovered her awareness whilst in the warmth and began to speak to us a lot more.

Advised Richie (father) that I would let her rest or send her to the hospital but going back to play wasn’t an option.

Also advised that if Sadie began to feel sick or had dizzy spell then to bring her to the hospital ASAP. This is because after a possible concussion getting sick is a major red flag.

Richie made the decision to bring Sadie home and let her rest and he would watch over her.

Patrick Connaghan
StuartCave11/12/201803:45 PM



RachaelCave11/12/201801:59 PM



RachaelCave11/12/201801:54 PM

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StuartCave11/12/201801:45 PM

This is a test incident. Was it received by the Parent


LinusSandom11/12/201805:40 PM

During U9 team training the, team coach, was taking part in the match at the end of training. Whilst dribbling with the ball on the side of the pitch he collided with a goal that was not being used. The goal he collided with was not being used because it was unsafe; unstable and rusty.

As he collided with the goal, the goal collapsed and the crossbar struck Linus on the top of the head and forehead area. The impact of this caused Linus to fall to the ground. The injuries Linus sustained were two bumps to the forehead with considerable swelling and a slight graze on the arm and knee.

Following the incident Linus was taken inside by Ben, the supervising coach and treated with ice applied to the affected area.

Linus' parents were both informed whilst he was receiving treatment and 111 service was called to seek further guidance. After the operator on 111 was satisfied that it was not an emergency he his other was told to take him to the emergency care unit as a safety precaution to ensure there were no further severe injuries sustained.

As a result of the incident the following actions have/are being taken:

TPFS has raised a concern with the school regarding the safety of the goal posts.

New safety procedure to be carried out prior to every Team training session and every TPFS session. TPFS will ensure that any insecure goals are never used but also removed far enough away from the playing area that they pose no safety risk to any of the participants of the session. We will only use goals that are anchored to the ground either by a weight or fixed securely.

The coach in question has been spoken to in detail about never joining in the matches or any session/activity that the kids are taking part in.

All coaches have also been reminded that under no circumstances do they join in whilst any part of a TPFS session.

The coach has also been told that before any TPFS session or training session there must be a thorough risk assessment of the venue.

All coaches have now been reminded that they are not to take part in any activities or games with the children and that a risk assessment needs to be carried out before any training session or TPFS activity.

Ben Corbyn